Power Rankings: February 5, 2016

On Friday’s The Fly Guys bring you rankings of the major U.S. airlines. Rankings will be based on how each carrier ranked in the news over the previous week. Customer service stories will be weighted the most.

After a couple of week’s off due to slow news days (thanks to winter storms), the Fly Guys Blog rank the nation’s largest airlines’ performance since our last ranking. Two of the legacy carriers rebound in a big way while Delta still hangs out near the bottom.

Rank Airline Move Comments
1 American +5 What do you do when you have the most financially successful year for an airline in history? Reinvest in passenger experience. Free snacks are back in coach!!! AA also announced enhancements to inflight entertainment for coach. Will improvements continue?
2 United +6 It’s time to give United some credit. News of changes of culture continue to make it out to the public. Allowing families with infants to board early is one of those.
3 Alaska +1 Still undecided about the brand refresh. Missing the old cheatlines on liveries.
4 JetBlue +1 Multiple new cross country routes announced in the past weeks.
5 Virgin America +2 Adding Hawaii routes out of LAX seems like a logical step, but L.A. to Hawaii is starting to get a bit crowded these days.
6 Frontier -5 Frontier has gone into hibernation for Groundhog’s Day.
7 Spirit +3 Strangely quite at Spirit too. What is the new management up to?
8 Southwest -5 Employees picketing outside your home airport is never good PR. Both sides met with a third party this week. Hopefully progress is made quickly.
9 Delta 0 Delta continues to hangout at the bottom of the rankings. It always creates uncertainty when a CEO leaves a company. Leading the way in airfare hikes this year will not win many people over with low oil prices. DL also announced plans to layoff 120 employees at Cincinnati this week.
10 Allegiant -9 First to worst. Ouch. G4 really needs to get ahead of their maintenance image. Just appointing a new COO isn’t enough. CEO Maurice Gallagher (formerly with ValuJet) needs to become a visible and active leader to the public if he wants to change his company’s image.