JetBlue announces three new destinations from DCA

Michael Garko, In Airline News

JetBlue will add three new nonstop destinations to slot-controlled Washington’s Reagan National Airport this summer.

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Photo: 411 chatter

Starting June 19, JetBlue will begin flights to Charleston, S.C., Hartford, Conn. and Nassau, Bahamas.  The carrier will also add a second daily flight to Tampa, Florida beginning July 2.

“We are delighted to be expanding in our nation’s capital, on our way to 30 departures per day at Reagan National,” JetBlue president Robin Hayes says in a statement. “Despite our relatively small presence at DCA, JetBlue has truly disrupted the market with fair fares and a better experience for travelers.”

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JetBlue is able to add the new flights after winning 12 slots from the divestiture of American Airlines.  AA was forced to relinquish 104 slots at DCA as part of its merger with US Airways.  Each slot is good for one takeoff and landing at the airport.

JetBlue will operate two daily flights to both Charleston and Hartford, and one daily flight to Nassau. Coupled with the additional Tampa flight, six of the twelve slots remain to be used by the carrier.

“More details of JetBlue’s DCA expansion, which will bring the airline’s daily departure count to 30, will be announced later this year,” JetBlue says in the statement.

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