Boeing’s Split Scimitar debuts on first passenger flight Tuesday

By Michael Garko, In Airline News

Boeing’s new Split Scrimitar wingtip design is about to make its passenger debut on Tuesday morning.

Photo: United Airlines

Photo: United Airlines

According to, the new winglet design will debut on United Airlines flight 1273, a Boeing 737-800 aircraft.  The flight will operate from Houston’s George Bush Intercontinental Airport to Los Angeles.

The new design, which was first unveiled in May 2012, will have a significant reduction in aircraft drag over the basic blended winglet configuration according to Boeing.

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By retrofitting its fleet of 737s with the Split Scimitar wingtips, United will see a fuel reduction of 2%, or a savings of $200 million annually according to Boeing and Aviation Partners Boeing.  United plans to retrofit their fleets of 757s and 767s once the modifications are approved for those aircraft.

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