US Airways passenger arrested for baggy pants

By Michael Garko, In Airline News

University of New Mexico football player Deson Marman was arrested Wednesday for refusing to pull up his baggy pants at the San Fransisco International Airport.


According to The Associated Press, a US Airways agent informed officials that his pants were “below his buttocks, but above the knees, and his boxer shorts were showing.

The agent reportedly then asked Marman to pull up his pants before the flight to New Mexico, which then led to a heated exchange between the two.  During the exchange, the San Fransisco police were called to the scene, where Marman was then arrested.

“It took 15 to 20 minutes of talking to get him to leave the plane, and he was arrested for trespassing,” San Francisco Police Sgt. Michael Rodriguez tells the Chronicle, which adds “Marman allegedly resisted officers as he was being led away.”

The USA Today reports that “the Chronicle reached out to US Airways, where spokeswoman Valerie Wunder noted that the carrier’s dress code prohibits “indecent exposure or inappropriate” dress.”

Deshon Marman, a football player at the University of New Mexico,