Up close and personal: flight breaks out on United flight over reclining seat

By Michael Garko, In Airline News

On Sunday, a United Airlines flight had to return to Washington D.C. after a fight broke out on board between two passengers.

Courtesy united.com

According to the Washington Post, things on the Ghana bound flight began to escalate when a passenger smacked another other passenger in the head for reclining their seat into his “personal space”.

A flight attendant and fellow passenger tried to calm the situation, but the pilot of the Boeing 767 decided to return to Dulles International Airport to sort things out before continuing the trans-Atlantic trip.

Due to weight restrictions of the airplane for landing, the pilot was forced to dump 16,700 gallons of jet fuel into the Atlantic Ocean. The pilot then continued to circle the airport for 25 minutes.

In addition to the expensive fuel dump, the flight had to be escorted by two Air Force F-16s from Andrews Air Force Base.  This is common practice since the 9/11 attacks when there is an irregularity in the airspace near the nation’s capital.

In the end, no passenger was charged nor arrested, and the flight was postponed until Monday.