Qantas A380 makes emergency landing in Adelaide for low fuel

Michael Garko, In Airline News

Qantas flight 10 from Singapore to Melbourne had to make an emergency landing in Adelaide last night due to low fuel.  A Qantas spokesperson said the the situation was “a result of changed flight conditions en route.”

Courtesy Australia Business Review

According to the spokesperson, the flight encountered higher than anticipated headwinds.

The Airbus A380, with 210 passengers on board, landed safely at 4:15AM local time, well within Adelaide’s curfew time for the airport.

Qantas officials inspected the superjumbo for any possible fuel leaks, but none were found.  “The aircraft was inspected by engineers in Adelaide and no issues were found and we will certainly be inspecting the aircraft again before it operates its next sector, which is scheduled this afternoon,” said the spokesperson.

The Australian Transport Safety Board is investigating the incident.

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