Denver has new #2 airline

By Michael Garko, In Airline News

Southwest’s continued growth at Denver International Airport has made it the new number two airline in marketshare.  Southwest reportedly passed based Frontier Airlines near the end of 2010, as has pulled away ever since.

United Airlines is still the busiest air carrier in Denver, but the Post says most of Southwest’s growth appears to be coming more at the expense of United than Frontier.

Frontier continues to grow in Denver, but at a significantly slower pace than rival Southwest.  The Associated Press states that “Frontier has tried to build a reputation as Denver’s hometown carrier, but Dallas-based Southwest has been marketing itself aggressively in Denver.”

Frontier, which was purchased in 2009 by Republic Airways, is now based in Indiana, even though Denver is still the combined airlines most busy hub.

The USA Today states:

As of February, Southwest accounts for about 22% of the domestic market at Denver International, slightly ahead of the combined 19% for Frontier and its affiliated Republic Airways operations.

Many industry experts predict that something is going to give as all three airlines jockey to be Denver’s dominant carrier, and the law of diminishing return begins to take effect.  Stay tuned…